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Welcome to my website. I hope to explain my absolute passion for painting, in particular, and for art generally. There are few experiences that equal the excitement I feel when I see a work that engages my senses or when I have for whatever reason found another layer to my own journey as an artist.

I believe that we are all born with an ability to express ourselves through drawing. This can take many forms and for each artist it is something that has to be nurtured and practiced and in this the key lays. Unfortunately for many of us we are either denied access to tools at an early age or we are told by either words or actions by the very teachers that have the power to "turn us on to art" that we do not measure up to some standard. Often just a few students are chosen to have this access and the rest of us take other roads.

This is what happened in my life. But after my daughter was born in 1970, I decided to take a sculpture class at Plattsburgh State (part of the SUNY system in New York state). It was through this first class that I realized I did have some skill and more importantly I received tremendous pleasure from the tactile practice of sculpting clay, soapstone and wood. When I took my first drawing class at the same college, I really was surprised that I could in fact think in another way…using that part of the brain that gives us dimension and perspective. Thinking of my hand caressing the figure of the model with the drawing instrument as an extension of my hand was a powerful way of thinking and consequently drawing.

As my life progressed through college in Georgia in interior design, I did more technical drawing – still there was that creative process that teaches color, texture and form. I worked in the Georgia Museum of Art as an art handler and helped with exhibits and this led to a job in Colonial Williamsburg as an artifact artist. Once again the drawings, displays and exhibit work I did was more technical in nature but it was part of my learning curve.

That really is what I have come to realize more and more. That one's early experiences are fodder for the imagination and what we do with this is really a process. As an artist we really never know what will trigger our passionate response – what will make us sit down and try something new.

In recent years, my response to the death of loved ones has been to jump at a chance to go to an Atelier style school in Baltimore, Maryland. The Schuler School teaches techniques used by master painters and sculptors. The school opened in the 50's and has been part of the Schuler family since then. The year I spent in 2007-08 really opened up a new world for me. With my early childhood of travel to many ancient sites and experiencing art in so many places and so many forms and also opportunistic once in a lifetime art retrospectives (Picasso at MOMA, NYC, Goergia O'Keefe in D.C., and Andrew Wyeth's in Kansas City) helped to feed a lifetime of interest. The year at Schuler gave me hands on learning, a deep appreciation for the skill and discipline of painting or drawing every day and ultimately the freedom to find what I want to concentrate on.

That concentration is portrait painting and especially children's portraits. There is an honesty and pure emotion showing on children's faces. Life has not altered that immediacy of expression and that is what draws me to them. I also paint adults but this will necessitate life drawing and painting (live sittings). I hope as a viewer and visitor you will see how much I enjoy doing this work. Perhaps you will take the next step and commission a portrait. Thank you again for visiting.

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